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Delisted NZX 28/09/2006

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Link Market Services, Level 11, Deloitte House, 80 Queen Street, Auckland
Tel : +64 9 375 5998
Fax : +64 9 375 5990
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Address: Level 20, Qantas House, 191 Queens Street, Auckland, NZL
Tel:  64-9-921-280 Fax: 64-9-357-6705

Date first listed: 01/01/1983
Company Secretary: 
Sector: Finance & Other Services Industry Group: 
Activities: Financial planning specialist

the New Zealand Serious Fraud Office (SFO) announced on 28 October 2010 that it had finally completed an extensive investigation into the activities of the New Zealand Blue Chip group of companies (NOC's former name), and as a result of the investigatons, no charges will be laid against either the companies, or individuals previously employed by the Group - the SFO is continuing an investigation into one of Blue Chip's South Island franchises, and it has passed on claims of misconduct by Blue Chip lawyers to the New Zealand Law Society - the Court of Appeal described the Blue Chip business as a predatory and oppressive asset lending scheme, which was inherently defective and fraught with risks04/11/2010
in a NZ District Court today, Mark Bryers gets a paltry fine and 75 hours community service20/05/2010
reports that liquidators Meltzer Mason Heath believe Blue Chip breached securities law in not issuing a prospectus and are seeking direction from the High Court on what it believes is a breach of securities law09/04/2009
the company's co-founder Mark Bryers faces seven charges laid by the NZ Companies Office - there are more to come - the charges were adjourned to 29 May27/03/2009
Jeff Meltzer, Arron Heath and Lloyd Hayward of Meltzer Mason Heath are appointed liquidators15/04/2008
delisted after the company requested to cease its listing on the NZSX Market - the company said "the focus on Australia has also made us cognisant that operating on two exchanges presents a number of complexities in relation to meeting regulatory requirements - whilst we appreciate that the majority of our business currently resides in New Zealand, it has been the Australian share-investor base that has shown the most liquidity and interest in supporting the Blue Chip Financial Solutions vehicle"28/09/2006
we understand that for each of the company's New Zealand shareholders, at the close of trading on the NZSX on the Transfer Date (28 September 2006) all shares in BCF were transferred from the NZSX to the ASX - for every share held in BCF at the close of trading on the NZSX on the Transfer Date, a shareholder received one share in BCF which is tradeable on the ASX28/09/2006
name changed from Blue Chip New Zealand Limited04/10/2005

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    Jock IrvineChairman
    Mark BryersManaging Director
    Julian GosseIndependent Director
    Jim BracknellIndependent Director
    John LuxtonIndependent Director
    Andrew MurrayDirector

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